Sunday, 28 December 2014

R.I.P, forever in my thoughts

This is quite personal and it is with a heavy heart that I write this post.

A few years back I moved to Scarborough and while I was there I met some amazing people but unfortunately I ended up falling out with the friend I had moved in with so I had to move back to my home town.
As life happens I sadly didn't manage to get back to Scarborough to visit my friends there save for one occasion but they were always in my thoughts, whether it be a film that reminded me of one of them, songs or just a comment I would hear out and about.

I had always said that in the new year I wanted to make more effort to go back and either see old friends or just have chance to enjoy Scarborough as it had been such a long time since I had been- this is still something I would like to do next year.

Unfortunately on Christmas Morning I logged on to facebook as normal only to see comment after comment from various friends to a shared friend sending their condolences and love to his family, unfortunately he had passed away on Christmas eve just days after his 42nd birthday.

I have had a few people pass away in my life but I don't think I have been as affected by them as I was this one, even though I only knew this man a little over a year I thought very highly of him, he was such a loving and compassionate man to those he loved, to look at him you would see long hair, tattoos and a biker jacket and assume he is a rough character but that couldn't be further from the truth, I had many times described him as a "big teddy bear", on countless occasions he would make sure I got home safely if my friend had gone back with her then boyfriend, he would make sure I wasn't being harassed on a night out.

Looking at his facebook shows just how much of an impact he made on SO many peoples lives, I know I felt devastated when I heard the news, so I can't even begin to imagine what his family and close friends are feeling right now. My thoughts are with them though.

RIP, you will be missed xx

As it isn't my place to name him on such a public forum I am with-holding his name and picture

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

15 Things you might hear working in retail

Anyone who has worked in retail will be aware of the daft things customers can ask so I thought I would share a few gems I have heard in my few years retail experience.

I have decided to limit it to 15 but I could have gone on for longer.

1. "Do you work here?"
I could understand this if I didn't wear the work uniform and name badge.
2. "Yeah but do you have any more in the back?"
After being told that we currently have all the stock out.
3. "I saw this thing in a magazine it was kind of like *gives a very vague description" I want it." you might need to a little bit more descriptive- we get a lot of stock.
4. "I saw a full arm of this over there but this one was in with the sale stuff so is it reduced?" I'm not even going to say anything
5. "Why don't you have toilets? you are open to the public, you should have public toilets"
no, we don't sell food or drinks so why SHOULD we have public toilets? Also you are in a shopping centre- it's not going to be hard to find a public toilet
6. "I bet you're on commission"
I wish I was on commission, but no that is not the case
7. "But don't you know everything that comes in on deliveries?"
we get deliveries with thousands of items in them over numerous departments, nobody knows every item that comes in on delivery unless you have the paperwork.
8. "Can you order me one in?"
after being told that an item is no longer available to order
9. "well can another store order me one in then?"
yes of course another store is going to have special powers to be able to order an item that is unavailable to everyone.
10. "What do you mean I can't return underwear? what if it's the wrong size?"
Personally I would think the reason behind this is pretty obvious,
11. "Ooh if it doesn't scan does that mean it's free?"
funny the first few times (I'm sure we have all made that joke once or twice) but it does get tiresome.
12. "Can I come into the back and help you look for it?"
Yep of course a complete stranger is going to be allowed into the back area.
13. "Do you think someone else would be able to find me one?"
after being informed we don't have something in stock.
14. "Can you reach me this down?" 
despite me being 5"3 and the other person being taller, customer service is one thing but that's kind of ridiculous.
15.  "So how much do you get paid?"
that's just really irrelevant to be honest and not something you should be asking people.

Like I said I could have gone on for longer but 15 is a good number.
What are some of the daft things you have heard customers saying either from an employees POV or a fellow customers POV? Please leave them in the comments below as it would be interesting to see :)

I hope you liked this post or found it somewhat entertaining- we have all had those customers before.

Thank you for reading