Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christkindlmarkt OotN: White oversized winter coat

So if you saw my last post you will know I went to the Leeds Christkindlmarkt recently so I thought I would upload a quick Outfit of the Night Post.
And I may have wanted to show off my new coat a little bit.

Normally I don't really wear "winter coats" I have had a couple over the past 3 years or so but due to a lot of weight loss these jackets are now far too big- not that I am complaining. Typically I just wear a normal jacket I would usually wear and add an extra layer or so underneath.

But at 25 years old (well actually I am 26 soon) I thought it was time I got a "grown up" winter coat, I just had to find one I liked and one that suited me.

When I buy jackets I tend to stick to Black as it is just easier to wear- it goes with literally anything, so this one is SO different to that, it's nowhere near the same shade.

Ok so how many people are getting bored and want to see the coat?

I told you- drastically different to my usual type. 
Now I will be honest here, it's not very thick so you will still have to wear something warm underneath but if you live somewhere cold then chances are you will be anyway. 
It is an oversized coat- the one I am wearing is an 8 but I could have easily got a 6 if it had been in stock. 
Outfit Details: 
Basic Black tee- £4.00 Primark 
Black Skinny jeans- £7.00 Primark (I added the rips myself)
Ankle Boots- I think £19.99 New Look 
White Coat- £25.00 Primark

Yes you did see that correctly, Primark, now I have seen a few Bloggers/Vloggers wearing coats from Primark (IntheFrow has worn some beautiful ones and she looks amazing in them) so I know they have had some nice coats out recently but nothing has taken my eye quite like this one. 
It now comes in a duck egg blue which I was tempted to get but I thought I would get more use out of the white one. 
When I originally saw it I did think I would like it in black but now I am glad I went for the white instead. 
It's definitely one I am going to save for when I want to make an effort and look nice- I know white isn't really the most practical colour but I fell in love with it a little bit and for £25.00 I just had to have it. 

I do think that if this had been released earlier in the season it could have been "THE" coat to get but now I assume most people will already have one. 

If you managed to make it to the end of this then I applaud you :) 

What is your winter must have fashion item this year? 

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this. 



Leeds Christkindlmarkt 2014

Yesterday afternoon I decided to join some friends from work and go to what is more commonly known as "The German Market" now I don't go that often- mostly due to a lack of space, but I felt the urge for an evening out so I decided to look past that issue and try to enjoy my evening.

I didn't manage to take many pictures because it was honestly so busy but I managed a few of me and my friends, so I thought I would share what I do have.

Please excuse the look on my face, I was trying to not laugh at my other friend attempting to photobomb the picture. This is my friend Alex and myself before we drank our Cherry mead- which I am so tempted to go back and buy a bottle because my god it was lovely. 

After enjoying the mead we moved on to the carousel because my other friend wanted to go on it- and I'm not one to say no to the carousel (it's pretty much the only ride I will go on actually) 
As you can see from the top picture I do enjoy being quite dramatic at times, then again at 25 people expect me to not want to go on "childrens" rides but it's all in good fun right? 

And finally a group selfie (I really could do with a selfie stick- I might have to make that one of my next purchases) 

All in all I had a good evening, but I do wish there was more room to walk around, I found my self repeatedly saying "sorry, sorry, I'm Sorry, Excuse me, Sorry" The event has grown so much I think LCC need to think about ways to improve on it now- it almost reminds me of SitC, but at least the guys behind that work on it each year in order to create a fun and safe environment

I am thinking of heading back at some point when the hype has died down as I would probably be able to get some really good pictures- and maybe some more of that Cherry mead.

If you have attended any of these "German Market" type things which would you recommend as I believe Birmingham have one as well. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this post


Friday, 28 November 2014

Superdrug Budget Beauty Haul: Makeup Revolution & MUA

Before you start reading any further I hope you have a drink with you as this is going to be quite wordy :)
Do I even need to say it? Yep it's pay day so naturally I had to do a bit of shopping.
Mostly for things I actually needed- aside from 2 items, oops :)

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen 3 of the items as I did post a picture earlier today. (Instagram is probably the best way to see what blog posts or videos might be in the works as I am ALWAYS uploading pictures)

Make up wise I went extremely budget friendly and picked up a few items from Makeup Revolution and MUA.

I will be honest, I have liked MUA for a long time but unfortunately as new releases were slow I did find myself growing bored of them (sorry but it's true, and my local superdrug stores are often severely understocked) so it has been a while since I last purchased any MUA items.
Today however I picked up 3 products.
First of all is a repurchase- if you have watched any of my videos I have mentioned a few times that I am always on the look out for new brow products, as I have literally just (this morning in fact) finished my Sleek Brow Stylist pencil I was wanting something new, after scouring all the beauty stands with nothing catching my eye I decided to go back to something I had tried in the past and I got the MUA Power Brow in Fair (£3.00)
Personally I wish they would get rid of the highlighter the the other end and attach a little wand- although I am sure they have just released a new brow product on the website like this so that't always a possibility for future brow products. 

The second item I picked up was one of the Velvet Lip Lacquers (£3.00) in the shade "Halcyon", now I have tried two of these in the past and I do like them so after seeing this one on Instagram I debated about buying it, in the end I gave in as I am trying to attempt a more "natural" lip as opposed to my usual red or purple.
It is quite an orange based colour so I am a little apprehensive about trying it out but hopefully I can pull it off

The final MUA product I picked up might seem a little odd after saying I want to try a more natural lip colour, but I have been after a black lipstick for a while now and they only ever really appear around Halloween, but they all have that same waxy crayon like taste, texture and smell to them- not something I want to be putting on my lips so I have been waiting to find the MUA one as I knew they had released one just in time for Halloween. And really for £1.00 I'm not going to complain am I? 
It has taken a while but eventually I managed to find it in not one but TWO of my local superdrug stores. 
Obviously it's not something I will be wearing everyday but I am sure I will get some use out of it. 

Now moving on to Makeup Revolution.
As a brand I do kind of prefer them to MUA, while they are both good quality at low prices I just think that Makeup Revolution has a lot more variation when it comes to colours and products. Having said that a lot of these products are only available online and that does put me off as I like to be able to see a product in person before I commit to buying it- looking at swatches online only gets you so far, I want to know the texture of a product before I buy it- will it work with my skin tone? so many things come into play when buying make up, so unfortunately there are a lot of products I am missing out on (and I'm sure there are others out there who share my opinion on this, if you do agree do let me know in the comments below) like "The One" foundation, I would love to try but as it's online only I can hazard a guess as to what colour I would need but if I'm wrong then I have just wasted my money. Now moving on from my rant onto the products that I bought. 
I only picked up two items today as there wasn't anything else that caught my eye.

After being OBSESSED with the Iconic 3 palette I thought I would try out the Iconic 2 palette, I believe this is pretty much a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette so I thought for £4.00 I might as well try it out, I have a few Makeup Rev palettes and I am always pleased with the quality of the eye shadows, especially for such affordable prices, I am hoping to build my collection of palettes over time as they have some amazing ones available. 

The final Makeup Rev and beauty item in general is another lipstick, this time going away from the black and going right towards a nude colour called "The One", like MUA the Makeup Rev lipsticks are also priced at £1.00.
I have a few Makeup Rev lipsticks so far and I am loving each and every single one of them that I have used so I am hoping to add to this collection in time as well. 
I am a little apprehensive about this colour as it is extremely light and I am very pale so I'm not sure how it will look, but I am sure I will be able to work with it, the name suggests that it is suitable for people of all skin tones so I hope this is true. (I just hope it doesn't give me the dreaded "concealer lips" look)

If you managed to sit through all of that then Kudos to you, when I started writing this I didn't realise it was going to get so long. 
If you have any affordable Brow products then please let me know in the comments below, or affordable lipsticks/lip liners to give a sort of natural colour, I have seen a few people talking about Tiramisu by Rimmel so I am tempted to try that out. 
Thank you for reading. 

I hope you liked this haul or got some ideas of possible products to try out :). 


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar Review

So the Zoella beauty range has been out for a while now, but it has taken me so long to actually get hold of anything as the main item I wanted was always sold out.

Luckily I did recently manage to pick this item up- honestly there were only like 2 left on the shelf.

Now I will be honest here, the scent of this range isn't something I would normally go for, which is why I only wanted to try the Fizz bar. Typically I like either Vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, you know the "rich" scents, so you might be questioning why I wanted to try this as it is a more floral scent.
Admittedly when I first heard it was floral I was a little unsure so I decided to test the Body Mist in store, I was actually pleasantly surprised, while it is undoubtedly floral, it isn't too strong or over-powering, with that in mind I thought "well it's only £5.00 I can at least try it"

The design behind this bar is pretty amazing, it comes shaped like a chocolate bar with 8 segments that you break off so you can use as much or as little as you want. For my bath I use 2 segments of the bar so it would last me at least 4 baths. 

One thing I did worry about was how my skin would react to it as I do have quite sensitive skin so I did make sure I had antihistamines on hand if I were to have a reaction to it (you have to be prepared for these kind of things) luckily I was fine and there was no reaction. 
As the bar is white it doesn't leave a visible change to your bath water unlike the Lush bath bombs, but it does leave the water very silky which feels amazing on the skin. 
The scent itself is actually lovely, very light and ideal for those days where you just want to relax but you don't want anything too over powering- as much as I love Lush, sometimes I can be left with a bit of a headache.

All in all I will be repurchasing this as I am enjoying using it and it makes a change from my usual scents. I can't wait to see what else Zoe has up her sleeve for the Zoella Beauty range, I'm sure whatever it is will be just as popular as this first release. 

On a side note if you are wondering what to get somebody for Christmas, something like this could be a good idea, especially as a stocking filler, not too expensive, looks bloody adorable and it's a scent that most people would enjoy.

Have you tried anything from the Zoella Beauty range? if yes what do you think of the range? 

Thank you for reading.