Friday, 31 January 2014

25 Facts About Me TAG!

I am borrowing this from the Lovely Emma  who found this TAG :) check her out she is just the sweetest. 
1. Are you named after anyone? Hmm not that I know of, I know my middle name is kind of inspired by my aunties though
2. When was the last time you cried? oh erm, I can't actually remember.
3. Do you have kids? No, not yet, some day hopefully 
4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I don't know, I mean I am a good friend to people, I always put my friends first, but I don't know if I would like other aspects of me if I were someone else. 
5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? sometimes far too much but it is only really with people who know me
6. Will you ever bungee-jump? not in a million years
7. What’s your favorite cereal? I don't really eat cereal to be honest, I do like Granola though
8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Hmm if we are talking looks wise then eyes usually, in general though it has to be manners, I don't like rude people
9. What is your eye colour? Blue
10. Scary movie or happy endings? It really depends on my mood, lately I have been more into romcoms and stuff.
12. Summer or winter? Summer for long days and walks- great for taking pictures, but Winter for cosy evenings in comfy PJs and a hot chocolate 
13. Computer or television? Computer all the way
14. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home? Lanzarote a fair few years ago now
15. Do you have any special talents? not that I know of :( I will have to find out now though 
16. Where were you born? England.
17. What are your hobbies? reading, blogging, trying out new make up looks, reading beauty blogs, watching beauty vlogs/vlogs in general, photography
18. Do you have any pets? Nope, not for a long time
19. Favorite movie? I honestly can't choose 
20. Do you have any siblings? 2, older  brother and younger sister 
21. What do you want to be when you grow up? I have no idea and that is pretty scary now as I am 25 and I still don't have my life on track, I would love to do something in the beauty industry though, whether that is doing a course to be a make up artist or being a full time beauty blogger, that would be so amazing
22. Your favourite Drink? Chai Latte, or peppermint tea
23. Favourite Colour? At the moment maybe bright pink in moderation, and I know it's not a colour but black. I also have a serious thing for rose gold at the moment
24. Favourite Food? I am SO boring with food, I like pasta and fruit, sometimes I really crave pizza and cheesecake. 
25: One Item of makeup you cant live without. that would have to be eyeliner, my eyes look so lifeless without it, also it can double up and I can use it to colour my lashes to give them some definition as well. 

Hope you liked reading that and finding out a few facts about me 


Thursday, 30 January 2014

Beauty Haul time again

I may have done a little bit of shopping today, I can say that two items can be justified (kind of) but before I get onto that here is what I bought (Minus one item that was at the bottom of my bag when I took this picture #FAIL)
MUA 1D Up All Night Eyeshadow Palette: £4.00 Superdrug
Bleach London Washing out Liquid: £5.00 Boots
BarryM 3in1 clear nail varnish: £2.99 Superdrug
Rimmel Apocalips "Eclipse": £4.99 Boots (on offer)

OK so onto the justifiable items, first off we will start with this 
I do colour my hair a lot and nothing is worse than temporary hair dye that takes forever to fade, so I figured I would give this a shot, I do love the Bleach London range in general so I can just add this to my little collection :). 
And second we have, 
I have used a few different top coats and to be honest this has honestly been the best I have come across on the high street, I have been using a different one recently as I had run out of the BarryM one but it wasn't really working very well at all. 

Now onto the items that I can't really justify buying but I just wanted them, first we have, 
I have used one of the Apocalips lip lacquers in the past and I do like them, so when I saw this colour (which by the way is coming across a lot more red in this picture, in the tube it looks like a very deep pinkish purple) I just had to add it to my basket and hey it was down to £4.99- yes unfortunately I am THAT person. 
I can't wait to try this out with a toned down eye. 

Second we have this (this is the item missing from the top picture)
I have been wanting to try more of these Matte lipsticks from MUA for a while but my local superdrug stores are always severely understocked when it comes to the MUA stand (seriously they have a huge display in one store and almost no stock on it!) I managed to come across this one today in "Peachy Keen" so I decided to pick it up while it was there, and for £1.00 I can't complain too much even if they didn't have the colour I was really looking for (Wild Berry if you wondered) 

And finally, I have been waiting for this for a while now as they have had the POS on the display since last year. 
I am going to be 100% honest here I am a little bit disappointed in the colour selection for this palette, don't get me wrong I like the colours I really do, but it says there are 10 exclusive eye shadows, now to me that sounds like they are all brand new colours exclusive for this palette, but at first glance there are at least 4 of them that look VERY similar to eye shadows in other palettes, they might be different when applied but I don't agree with the "exclusive" claim.
I am looking forward to using it as there are some very lovely colours in there. 
I can imagine the packaging being a love it or hate it thing but it sets it apart from the others a little bit and One Direction fans will probably love it. 

What items have you bought lately?

Thank you for reading. 


Wednesday, 29 January 2014


Do you ever look down at your nails and think "damn I need to do something with you" but then have a hard time deciding what colour to use?

Well that is me literally every time I do my nails, black used to be my staple nail colour but I can't wear that at work :( (small price to pay so I can't complain at all really)

Last night I sat for at least 10 minutes trying to decide what colour I wanted to go for, in the end I opted for "Rimmel 60 Seconds" in "270 Shocker" a very bright blue toned pink.

As you can see it does live up to its name.

I have only applied one coat of this so far and the pigmentation and coverage is insane, it has started to feather a little bit towards the tips of one or two my nails so I could do with a second coat but it is a fast drying nail varnish so I might end up doing that on the way to work, more than likely I will just use a top coat to seal it all in and prevent any more. 

Thank you for reading 


Monday, 27 January 2014

Small Beauty Haul

Yes it's pay weekend and I couldn't be happier, it meant I could finally go buy some new foundation because my god was I running low.

Here is a quick over view of the beauty items I bought.

Indeed Labs Sampler set of 3: £12.99
Yes I did repurchase (for the third time now) the Indeed Sample kit, I did want to buy the full size of Hydraluron but I couldn't find it in Boots and as I am running out I picked this up, lets hope that by next pay day I can get hold of the full size. This sample kit has now gone back up to £12.99

Rimmel ScandalEYES Thick & Thin Eyeliner: £3.99
I also picked up the Rimmel ScanalEYES Thick & Thin Eyeliner, this is currently on offer at £3.99 
Below is a close up of the tip. 

Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil: £2.99
I had been using eyeshadow to fill my brows in after running out of (and being unable to find it in any superdrug store!) my MUA power brow pencil, and I just wasn't happy with how they were looking, it seems that decent affordable brow products are hard to come by these days. In the end I picked up the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel (Excuse me Rimmel but why don't you have a "Blonde" option?) for £2.99, it might not be the exact colour I am looking for but at least I am happy with how my brows look in general now. 

BarryM Flawless Matte Fimish: £5.99
Ahh this was the HARDEST part of make up shopping, now as someone who is pale I have always had trouble finding the right foundation at affordable prices, I used to swear by GOSH X-ceptional wear in Porcelain, but I think they have changed that because now it is just too yellow and I don't feel comfortable wearing it. I reverted back to my Rimmel Match perfect in "Light Porcelain" (even though I wasn't happy about the coverage) until I could find something else. I literally had so many different foundations on my hand when I bought this. It looks quite dark and orange in the tube but I did choose the lightest option they had "Ivory", I have tried this out and it's not too bad, it could do with being a little lighter though.

Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick: £3.99
I don't even have an excuse for buying this, other than I really do love red lipsticks and it was on offer so I just HAD to have it. 
I have tried it out and I can say that for a Matte lipstick it isn't actually too drying on the lips which is a good thing, I would suggest making sure that you do keep your lips moisturised if you plan on wearing it though as it would show up any dry areas.

Stack of 4 sample containers: £2.00
I bought these after finding the samples of the 4 Primers in my Naked 3 palette, I didn't want to open one and have it dry out so I figured I could buy this and then depot them all and label them. Even if I don't end up using them for that I know I would get use out of them elsewhere. 

What have been your latest beauty buys?

Thank you for reading 


Sunday, 26 January 2014

Make up of the Week: Rose Gold again?

For most of the week my make up has been the same from the previous week so instead of running through that again check out last weeks blog post here, I will insert a picture of it here though.

On Thursday night I managed to get hold of the Naked 3 palette much to my joy- I think I sat for about half an hour just looking at it refusing to let people touch it (I didn't wan't to risk them testing the eyeshadows before I had taken a picture of it) 
I have a blog post here about getting the palette. 

Dust all over the lid
Buzz over the top for the outer half of my lid
Factory in the outer corner and a little in the crease. 

Liar all over the lid
Factory in the outer half 
Bleackheart in the outer corner and crease

I can't wait to get more use out of this palette, although I have only been using it for 2 days now it is fast becoming my favourite palette.

Although in the haul post I did say I was never that bothered about 1 or 2, given the quality of these eyeshadows I might be tempted to at least get Naked 2, but that is something I will be giving some thought as I do have the MUA dupe for it. 

What eye looks have you been wearing lately?

Thank you for reading


Saturday, 25 January 2014

DIY: New Candles out of old.

Am I the only person who doesn't like to waste that wax left over at the bottom of a finished candle?
I hope not because let's be real here, there is often quite a lot of wax left over.
I started saving the wax from all of my candles until I had enough to be able to reuse it.

This DIY is pretty cheap to do if you already have the wax, the only thing I had to buy was some Wick, I got the "Yaley medium bleached 6ft wick" from Hobbycraft for £2.25 but I'm sure any craft store would sell some kind of wick.

For this you will need:
Clips (to hold the wick, these were reused from old tea light candles)
Mould of some form for the candle
Rubbing Alcohol to make sure the mould is clean
Cotton pads/Tissue to clean.
small tool to press open the Wick clip
Glass Jug (Microwave safe)
Double sided tape
Pliers (not pictured)
And finally Wick
Disney Princess cake- optional

So that looks like a huuuge list, It never seems like much when it is out in front of you.

Now onto the actual DIY

  • Start off by cleaning the glass jug and candle jar with the rubbing alcohol, making sure to remove any dust or residue. 
  • cut off a length of your wick (needs to be long enough to over hang the mould a little bit), make sure the wick clip is clean and open. 
  • feed the wick through the clip, using your pliers close the wick clip, this secures the wick in place.
  • add a small square of double sided tape to the bottom of your clip, then place this in your glass jar, this anchors the wick down 
  • while you are doing this you can already have your wax in your glass jug in the microwave- it's best to do this in 30second bursts and then stir to melt the wax, add in your essence at this point. 
  • As this is melting you need to anchor your wick at the top of the jar as well, to do this you take a pencil or similar object, wrap the wick around until it is pulled tight then put a bit of tape over to stop it from unravelling. 
  • Once your wax is fully melted pour it into your chosen jar/mould. 
  • As you are waiting for it to set, clean out your glass jug and if you want you can repeat the process over again until you are either bored or you have used up all your wax.

Yes it is a very time consuming project, but it's a good way of using up wax, it could also make for an interesting present idea. 
You can either leave the jar plain or add little details, with one of my vanilla candles I added some light yellow twine around the rim as it matched the d├ęcor in my mums room.

You know those times where your internet just cuts out and you are left with that horrible thought of "oh my god what am I going to do?" this would be a good way to pass that time 

Thank you for reading. 

If you try this, let me know how it turned out. 


Thursday, 23 January 2014

A two item haul?

Now I'm not normally one to do hauls that only contain two items but there was one item that I HAD to do a quick post about so I figured I would just feature both.

My intention after work was just to go into Bravissimo to have a look at new bras, in the end I only got one, unfortunately living on a low income means buying new lingerie doesn't occur as often as I would like it to.

After trying on a few different styles and colours I finally chose one:
I am absolutely in love with the lace detailing along the top of the cup, I just wish that bras weren't so expensive. 

And finally, the reason I had to do this post in the first place, I have been lusting after this since it was released in America, unfortunately by the time it came out over here I had Christmas to get out of the way so I couldn't exactly buy it for myself and not buy presents could I?
I nipped into Debenhams before going into Bravissimo and FINALLY after a month of waiting for it, the Urban Decay stand had a full display of the Naked Palettes. 

Now I was never that phased about the first two, don't get me wrong I do like them but there is something about this one that calls to me and I would actually willingly pay out the £37 for it where as with the other two I debated about it for quite some time, then eventually MUA brought out their Undressed and Undress me too palettes. 
Do I hope MUA release a dupe for this? Kind of yes, I mean it would be good to be able to pick it up at a more affordable price, but every so often it is nice to own something high end. 
I can't speak for the other two palettes but the Naked 3 also comes with samples of 4 of the eye primers.

I haven't swatched it yet as the lighting is quite atrocious right now, so that will be done over the weekend. 

Thank you for reading. 


Monday, 20 January 2014

Sunday OoTD

Unfortunately this isn't going to be a proper "weekend look book" as I didn't manage to get a picture of my outfit on Saturday- you know those days where you literally don't even have a spare 5 minutes, yeah that was my Saturday.

I did manage to get a quick snap of yesterdays outfit though.

Yesterdays outfit had a very relaxed vibe to it as I was only going into town to meet my dad.
I decided to go for a baggy printed Jumper- £12, Primark
Short skirt- £4.99 (I think), Internacionale
Trusty old Primark tights so £3 for a pack
Pink Ankle socks- £1.50, Primark
and Fluffy platform shoes around £24.99, Internacionale

I finished this look with my £18 Primark denim jacket.

Ideally I would have worn different shoes but the ones I would wear are still waiting to go to the Cobblers to be repaired.

Thank you for reading.


Sunday, 19 January 2014

Eye make up of the week: Rose Gold

I had originally wanted to do a "make up of the week" post every Saturday or Sunday, compiling pictures of my make up throughout the week.
I was all ready for this idea until I had this "need" to wear a rose gold eye, this started on Monday and has been my staple look all week.

I start off by priming my eyes with what ever primer I have close to hand then I use the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pink Gold all over my lid. 
Once that has set I use the Urban Decay <3 NYC palette (gotta love finding old favourites)
I apply Snatch all over my lid covering the Pink Gold base, then Bordello over the top of that, focusing on the outer half of my eye. 
I then use a light combination of Last Call and Smog in my outer corner/crease just to add some definition and depth. 
To line my top lash line I currently use the Color Tattoo in Timeless Black as a gel liner, add some eye liner to my bottom water line and some mascara then I'm set to move on to the rest of my face. 

I can't wait to get my hands on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette as I have a feeling Rose Gold looks are going to be something I do quite often this year. 

What is your current favourite Eye look? 

Thank you for reading 


Saturday, 18 January 2014

GOSH Holographic Hero- First Thoughts

First of all I need to say please excuse the fact that I haven't cleaned up around my nails, that has now been done. I just wanted to get a real first thoughts post done.

So where do I start... WOW is the word I would use to describe this, the end result is just amazing- this photo is without a top coat so as you can see it is still very effective on its own. It does leave a sort of rough/Matte texture to the nail though.

I will admit when I first bought it I was sceptical- even despite reading blog posts on it.

You definitely need 3 coats of this to get any real impact but when it happens you will love it, I am sat here just admiring my nails as I type this.

I think one of the best things about this is that it does dry quite quickly so you aren't sat for hours waiting for your nails to be fully set.

It's definitely not an "every day" nail varnish, will that stop me from wearing it day to day? oh hell no, you can bet that I will be going around work showing off my nails as though I am showing off a Diamond ring.

As this is a first impressions post I can't comment on how it lasts or anything so I am going to see how long it lasts before it starts to chip or feather out.

I have applied a top coat as I'm not keen on the matte texture it was giving my nails.

Right now I am very glad I managed to find this, it's a brilliant way to make your nails look amazing without doing much to them :).

Thank you for reading .


Post Birthday Beauty Haul

I recently had my 25th birthday (this sounds extremely strange for me to say now, it's going to take some getting used to) and I decided to go out and do a little bit of shopping so I have decided to show you what I have bought.

It is only going to be a small haul

Told you it's only going to be small :) 

First I will start with these, now personally I have never tried "Philosophy" products but I do see a lot of people talk about them, so when I saw these on sale in Boots I thought I might as well give them a shot, these are the: Shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. a 480ml bottle is normally £14 but I managed to snap these up for £3 each. When I first smelled these in store I was debating between which one to go for but I thought for £3 I might as well get both. Considering the size of these I can see them lasting me quite a while. 

Something I hear a lot lately is "Oh I love your hair, how did you do it?" well the answer is partly here, since November I have been sporting a pastel pink tone to my hair, to keep the colour in I have been adding more dye every other time I wash my hair. 
The dye I have been using is by Bleach London in the colour "Rose" I mix this with my conditioner and run it through the lengths of my hair so it is a light pastel pink then I apply it to the ends of my hair so the ends are slightly brighter. Unfortunately the other morning I realised I was seriously running low on "Rose" so I knew I had to go get some more. While I was at Boots I started debating on what other colour to mix it with- I currently mix it with "Awkward Peach" so I knew I wanted to stay in the pink/red tones, in the end I decided to get "The Big Pink" as well. These cost £5 each  for a 150ml bottle. 

I think I must be the only person on the internet who hasn't used the Soap & Glory skin care range, I see so many people talking about how amazing it is but then I look at the price and I always have that "well that is quite a bit of money to waste if you don't like it" thought. Yesterday I decided to bite the bullet and I bought a travel size of  "Flake Away" at least £2.50 isn't as much if I don't like it, and hey if I do then I can go out and purchase the full size :) 

Does anyone else think Mascara is awkward to buy? I mean it's always risky really, some mascaras have these amazing promises to make your lashes long, voluminous and curled, but then you try them and nothing happens. I try to not be drawn in by these "promises" any more, but sometimes I can't help it, and this was one of those times. The Miss Manga mascara is currently on offer at Boots and Superdrug for £5.99 as opposed to £8.99- I believe this offer ends soon at Superdrug. I have tested this mascara briefly and it did make my lashes look quite long, I need to test it out properly soon. 

On a whim I decided to pick up another Eyeshadow pencil by "Collection" I got this in the colour "Gunmetal Glitz" as I think this would be a good base under a dark smoky eye. This is currently on offer at £2.50 in Boots. 

And last for now: 
I am very late on the bandwagon for this, I'm sure everyone will know of *that* Holographic Chanel Nail varnish. Well I finally managed to get my hands on the quite well talked about High street dupe of it. Now I have been looking for this since before Christmas and I haven't seen it anywhere, yesterday before work I nipped into Superdrug just to see if they had filled their MUA stand yet (nope it hasn't been updated in quite some time- since last year I think) as I looked off to the side in annoyance the GOSH stand caught my eye, what did I find but 3 bottles of the "Holographic Hero" I only actually needed two but I will admit that I almost got the 3rd bottle as well. The best part is, they had gone down from £3.99 to £1.99 so even buying two was still cheaper than buying one at full price. 
I can't wait to try it out properly- I did test it on one nail before work so I can at least say it dries quickly :) 

And finally the last item I bought was something I had to go collect from Doncaster today.

Again this is another item I am late getting on the band wagon about but I have been debating for a while whether to get it or not and when I finally reached the decision that Yes I do want it, my local Waterstones didn't have any in stock, luckily for me my mum drove me to Doncaster to go pick it up. This book does retail at £16.99 but if you reserve it online you only pay £12.79 at the moment.

Hope you liked this haul, Sorry for my little rambles here and there. 

Thank you for reading


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

What's in my every day make up bags?

Yes I do carry two make up bags with me on a daily basis, but that will soon become clear why.

It might be hard to see by the picture, but both make up bags are quite small so until I find another that fits everything I need without being too big for my bag this is my way around it.

In this bag I have the: 
Real Techniques Starter Set- £21.99 
Real Techniques Shading Brush- £7.99
Urban Decay Good Karma Crease Brush- £14.50
A few other miscellaneous brushes 
Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder- £3.99 
MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlight- £3.00 
(Truthfully I don't always use all of the brushes from the starter kit, I just don't want to split the set up) 

In this bag I have:
MUA blusher in Shade 1- £1
Maybelline 24hr color tattoo in Timeless black- £4.99 (this is actually used as an eyeliner rather than a base)
Dainty Doll Concealer- £14.50
Maybelline Brow Drama- £4.99
Seventeen Stay Time 18hr concealer- Price unknown but I will check instore and edit this when I find out
Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner- £3.99 
ModelCO Fibre LashXtend Mascara- £16.00 

Now you may be looking at this thinking "why do you have brushes when you haven't shown any eyeshadow?" that's simply because each day I tend to change up my make up so I will add the palette I need on the day I have used it. 

Hope you liked this post, if anyone has any suggestions for good sized but affordable make up bags please do let me know in the comments below. 

Thank you for reading. 


Sunday, 12 January 2014

Weekend Look Book Vol 1

As mentioned in my last post a weekend look book is something that I am hoping to post every Sunday evening from here on. 

Unicorn Jumper: either £7 or £8 Primark
Collared shirt underneath: No longer in stock but £14.99 Internacionale
Pendant: Price unknown (Christmas present from Grandma)
Tights: around £3 As always Primark 
Velvet Skater Skirt: £1 Primark
Scarf: No longer in stock but £4 Primark
Denim jacket: £18 Primark
Fluffy plaftorm shoes: I want to say around £24.99 but I could be wrong Internacionale

Yesterday was a pretty relaxed day, I just went into town with my Mum and Grandma to pick up a few things, and no your eyes did not deceive you, that skater skirt was only £1, I have only recently bought it in the sale but at that price I can't see them on the rails for too long, when I got my skirt there weren't many left. 

Black Velvet Skater Dress: £16.99 Internacionale
Coral Pink Lace collared jumper: £12 Primark
Black & White Skull Scarf: Price unknown, Christmas present from my Mum
Alice in Wonderland necklace: Price unknown, Christmas present from my Dad
Denim Jacket- same as Saturday
teamed with fake Dr Martins

This outfit wasn't exactly hard to put together, it just wasn't my chosen outfit for the event so it was pieced together very last minute, my mother, sister, grandma and myself all went out for a meal to celebrate mine, my mums and my grandmas birthdays as they all fall in January, I had been under the impression that we were supposed to be doing this yesterday (which is why yesterdays outfit might look a little over dressed to be nipping into town) naturally I couldn't wear the same outfit twice so I had to see what I could come up with last minute, to say it was pretty randomly thrown together I quite like how it has turned out, it would have been better if the dress had a higher neckline so the collar would just pop out over the top but you can't have everything. 

Thank you for reading. 

If this is something you would like to see more of please do let me know in the comments below :) 


Friday, 10 January 2014

Possible Blog posts

I have a fair few ideas for blog posts to upload but I really want to know what readers will want to read.
If you have any suggestions please do leave them in the comments below, so far my list consists of

  • my hair history
  • OotDs as and when I have chance- If I'm going out
  • Product reviews 
  • hauls
  • NotD's, when I remember to do my nails 
  • Monthly favourites 
  • Fashion/Style inspo
  • "Get the (make up) look" 
  • DIY projects
  • Weekend Look book (This will be a weekly post)
  • What is in my make up bag
  • my week in make up (This will be a weekly post)
  • Affordable make up ideas
  •  and a "tutorial" to be interview ready at high street prices 
It would be brilliant to have a few more ideas to add to the list.

Thank you for reading. 


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Product Review: Batiste Dry Conditioner: Smoothing Conditioning Mist

I won't lie, dry shampoo is pretty much a staple for me, not only is it great for those days in between washes and you just want to freshen up your roots, it's actually pretty good for styling as well in my opinion, no it's not going to hold a style like hair spray, but if you have the same problem I do with freshly washed hair- that it is just TOO soft and it is lacking texture to be able to actually do anything with, it really is fantastic at adding that little bit of texture without making your hair feel weighed down or hard.

After using dry shampoo for years I can definitely say I was one of those people thinking "well why isn't there such thing as dry conditioner?" so naturally when I did hear about how it was soon to be a "thing" I was pretty intrigued. I have to say, despite being intrigued about this I'm not sure when this product was actually released, I know I haven't seen it in stores before now.

Because I colour my hair quite a lot (there may be a post about this in the near future if anyone is interested) my hair is of course dry so I have tried a few different leave in conditioners but none have seemed to work (aside from the Bleach London Reincarnation Mask), This on the other hand, actually leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished- which is pretty impressive due to the extent I colour my hair- that could be down to the Argan oil in the formula.

a 200ml can costs £3.99, I hope they release a more travel friendly sized can soon because while I know this is something I will definitely repurchase a smaller size would be nice :)

I have seen other blogs commenting on the scent, personally this is something I haven't noticed, but that could be a good sign as normally if something has an unpleasant scent I will notice it straight away.

Monday, 6 January 2014

NoTD: doesn't have a name but if someone would like to do the honour?

For someone who owns a lot of nail varnishes I very rarely actually do my nails, but every so often I get bored of having nothing on.

Today was one of those mornings where I looked at my nails and thought "when was the last time I painted you?"

Seriously I am glad I wake up ridiculously early- it gives me the chance to sit there and paint my nails before work if I want to.

Anyway now I own a lot of nail varnishes it can take me forever to chose something to actually use- which I think is one of the reasons I use as an excuse to not do them.

For once it didn't take me long to chose what I wanted, 3 Sinful Colors nail varnishes in the colours "Courtney Orange" "Rich in Heart" and finally a glitter in "Pumpkin Spice"
"Rich in Heart" and "Pumpkin Spice" together are more of an Autumn look so it's not exactly on trend for the current season but knowing my luck it will have chipped off by the end of the day.

I have only applied a couple thin layers but the glitter over the top has made a few of the nails look streaky which I'm not too happy about, next time I will take the time and do them properly instead of a rushed job in the morning.

"Courtney Orange" and "Pumpkin Spice" would be good for summer so that might be a nail look I go for at some point.

Oh and if someone could give me tips to get my nails in better condition that would be excellent, I have tried the lemon juice thing but that didn't seem to work- there is another variation of it that I have bookmarked to try at some point but any other tips are welcomed.

Product Review: Loreal Micellar Solution

Last year on my old blog I did a review on this product and I really enjoyed it, unfortunately just recently I have been having a few bad runs with it.

Don't get me wrong here it is a brilliant cleanser, this stuff takes off even my most stubborn mascara so in that respect I love it, it's perfect for those lazy nights when you don't want to leave your bed but you need to take your make up off. 
Unfortunately though the last few times I have used it, my eyes don't agree with it, or my eyeballs to be exact, sounds strange but for some reason whenever I have used this my eyeball has started to get "puffy" so to speak, the first time it happened I wasn't sure what had caused it so I stopped using this as I know it had been making my eyes somewhat dry, then when I tried it again last night I could feel my eye puffing up, luckily it has gone down now, I'm not sure if any of the solution had seeped into my eye and that had caused it or if it was just a "bad batch" but I know I would rather not risk it happening again. 
Despite it being a brilliant cleanser (I have gone through numerous bottles of this since it came out) I don't want to risk damaging my eyes so this is going to have to be disposed of and I can't see myself repurchasing it again.

Has anyone else had problems like this?

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

What my friends got me for Christmas

Normally in the past I have been a little unsure of these "what I got for christmas" posts because I don't really like the idea of bragging. This year I have decided I would share what my two closest friends got me- we gave each other a budget of around £10-£15.
Most of the presents grouped together minus one.

First off I will share the gifts from a former work colleague, as she knows of my love of hot chocolate she got me two types ready to stir Hot Chocolate on a spoon, one has little bits of fudge attached to the chocolate and the other has mini marshmallows attached. She also got me a Doctor Who phone case, which I find quite amusing as I had been thinking about getting a new case soon anyway and I used to have the image on the phone case as my old laptop background, the phone case also has card slots on the inside which is brilliant if you need to nip to the shop but you don't want to have to take everything with you. 

My other friend got me some equally awesome gifts, first she got me some novelty sunglasses with cat ears and whiskers attached (it's easier to see in the top picture), a set of 4 nail varnishes- red, gold, purple and shimmery black, Apple scented body wash in a cupcake shaped bottle, a cup that says "Keep Calm and eat a cupcake" (with my obsession with cupcakes and cups this was a perfect present) and finally a mini Harry Styles cut out- naturally I may have happily tweeted saying that my friend bought me Harry Styles and attached a picture of the cut out :) 

I actually consider myself very lucky to have these two girls as friends, even though I have only known one for just over a year and the other a few months less they both know me very well and even put up with my weirdness :) 

Happy New Year!

I am actually borrowing this idea from Vlogger/Blogger EllieJayden, last year she kept a positivity jar that she would add to as good things happened to her- as these jars are personal the contents can range from notes to remember something that was said that made you smile, cinema/concert tickets of something you really loved. So I have decided that I would try to do this myself this year, it has always been said that we are more likely to remember something when it is written down, it will also be nice to be able to go back and relive that memory when you read through the jar at the end of the year. The best thing is this is virtually free to do, all you need is a jar to start with. Follow on Bloglovin