Sunday, 28 December 2014

R.I.P, forever in my thoughts

This is quite personal and it is with a heavy heart that I write this post.

A few years back I moved to Scarborough and while I was there I met some amazing people but unfortunately I ended up falling out with the friend I had moved in with so I had to move back to my home town.
As life happens I sadly didn't manage to get back to Scarborough to visit my friends there save for one occasion but they were always in my thoughts, whether it be a film that reminded me of one of them, songs or just a comment I would hear out and about.

I had always said that in the new year I wanted to make more effort to go back and either see old friends or just have chance to enjoy Scarborough as it had been such a long time since I had been- this is still something I would like to do next year.

Unfortunately on Christmas Morning I logged on to facebook as normal only to see comment after comment from various friends to a shared friend sending their condolences and love to his family, unfortunately he had passed away on Christmas eve just days after his 42nd birthday.

I have had a few people pass away in my life but I don't think I have been as affected by them as I was this one, even though I only knew this man a little over a year I thought very highly of him, he was such a loving and compassionate man to those he loved, to look at him you would see long hair, tattoos and a biker jacket and assume he is a rough character but that couldn't be further from the truth, I had many times described him as a "big teddy bear", on countless occasions he would make sure I got home safely if my friend had gone back with her then boyfriend, he would make sure I wasn't being harassed on a night out.

Looking at his facebook shows just how much of an impact he made on SO many peoples lives, I know I felt devastated when I heard the news, so I can't even begin to imagine what his family and close friends are feeling right now. My thoughts are with them though.

RIP, you will be missed xx

As it isn't my place to name him on such a public forum I am with-holding his name and picture

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

15 Things you might hear working in retail

Anyone who has worked in retail will be aware of the daft things customers can ask so I thought I would share a few gems I have heard in my few years retail experience.

I have decided to limit it to 15 but I could have gone on for longer.

1. "Do you work here?"
I could understand this if I didn't wear the work uniform and name badge.
2. "Yeah but do you have any more in the back?"
After being told that we currently have all the stock out.
3. "I saw this thing in a magazine it was kind of like *gives a very vague description" I want it." you might need to a little bit more descriptive- we get a lot of stock.
4. "I saw a full arm of this over there but this one was in with the sale stuff so is it reduced?" I'm not even going to say anything
5. "Why don't you have toilets? you are open to the public, you should have public toilets"
no, we don't sell food or drinks so why SHOULD we have public toilets? Also you are in a shopping centre- it's not going to be hard to find a public toilet
6. "I bet you're on commission"
I wish I was on commission, but no that is not the case
7. "But don't you know everything that comes in on deliveries?"
we get deliveries with thousands of items in them over numerous departments, nobody knows every item that comes in on delivery unless you have the paperwork.
8. "Can you order me one in?"
after being told that an item is no longer available to order
9. "well can another store order me one in then?"
yes of course another store is going to have special powers to be able to order an item that is unavailable to everyone.
10. "What do you mean I can't return underwear? what if it's the wrong size?"
Personally I would think the reason behind this is pretty obvious,
11. "Ooh if it doesn't scan does that mean it's free?"
funny the first few times (I'm sure we have all made that joke once or twice) but it does get tiresome.
12. "Can I come into the back and help you look for it?"
Yep of course a complete stranger is going to be allowed into the back area.
13. "Do you think someone else would be able to find me one?"
after being informed we don't have something in stock.
14. "Can you reach me this down?" 
despite me being 5"3 and the other person being taller, customer service is one thing but that's kind of ridiculous.
15.  "So how much do you get paid?"
that's just really irrelevant to be honest and not something you should be asking people.

Like I said I could have gone on for longer but 15 is a good number.
What are some of the daft things you have heard customers saying either from an employees POV or a fellow customers POV? Please leave them in the comments below as it would be interesting to see :)

I hope you liked this post or found it somewhat entertaining- we have all had those customers before.

Thank you for reading 


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Christkindlmarkt OotN: White oversized winter coat

So if you saw my last post you will know I went to the Leeds Christkindlmarkt recently so I thought I would upload a quick Outfit of the Night Post.
And I may have wanted to show off my new coat a little bit.

Normally I don't really wear "winter coats" I have had a couple over the past 3 years or so but due to a lot of weight loss these jackets are now far too big- not that I am complaining. Typically I just wear a normal jacket I would usually wear and add an extra layer or so underneath.

But at 25 years old (well actually I am 26 soon) I thought it was time I got a "grown up" winter coat, I just had to find one I liked and one that suited me.

When I buy jackets I tend to stick to Black as it is just easier to wear- it goes with literally anything, so this one is SO different to that, it's nowhere near the same shade.

Ok so how many people are getting bored and want to see the coat?

I told you- drastically different to my usual type. 
Now I will be honest here, it's not very thick so you will still have to wear something warm underneath but if you live somewhere cold then chances are you will be anyway. 
It is an oversized coat- the one I am wearing is an 8 but I could have easily got a 6 if it had been in stock. 
Outfit Details: 
Basic Black tee- £4.00 Primark 
Black Skinny jeans- £7.00 Primark (I added the rips myself)
Ankle Boots- I think £19.99 New Look 
White Coat- £25.00 Primark

Yes you did see that correctly, Primark, now I have seen a few Bloggers/Vloggers wearing coats from Primark (IntheFrow has worn some beautiful ones and she looks amazing in them) so I know they have had some nice coats out recently but nothing has taken my eye quite like this one. 
It now comes in a duck egg blue which I was tempted to get but I thought I would get more use out of the white one. 
When I originally saw it I did think I would like it in black but now I am glad I went for the white instead. 
It's definitely one I am going to save for when I want to make an effort and look nice- I know white isn't really the most practical colour but I fell in love with it a little bit and for £25.00 I just had to have it. 

I do think that if this had been released earlier in the season it could have been "THE" coat to get but now I assume most people will already have one. 

If you managed to make it to the end of this then I applaud you :) 

What is your winter must have fashion item this year? 

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this. 



Leeds Christkindlmarkt 2014

Yesterday afternoon I decided to join some friends from work and go to what is more commonly known as "The German Market" now I don't go that often- mostly due to a lack of space, but I felt the urge for an evening out so I decided to look past that issue and try to enjoy my evening.

I didn't manage to take many pictures because it was honestly so busy but I managed a few of me and my friends, so I thought I would share what I do have.

Please excuse the look on my face, I was trying to not laugh at my other friend attempting to photobomb the picture. This is my friend Alex and myself before we drank our Cherry mead- which I am so tempted to go back and buy a bottle because my god it was lovely. 

After enjoying the mead we moved on to the carousel because my other friend wanted to go on it- and I'm not one to say no to the carousel (it's pretty much the only ride I will go on actually) 
As you can see from the top picture I do enjoy being quite dramatic at times, then again at 25 people expect me to not want to go on "childrens" rides but it's all in good fun right? 

And finally a group selfie (I really could do with a selfie stick- I might have to make that one of my next purchases) 

All in all I had a good evening, but I do wish there was more room to walk around, I found my self repeatedly saying "sorry, sorry, I'm Sorry, Excuse me, Sorry" The event has grown so much I think LCC need to think about ways to improve on it now- it almost reminds me of SitC, but at least the guys behind that work on it each year in order to create a fun and safe environment

I am thinking of heading back at some point when the hype has died down as I would probably be able to get some really good pictures- and maybe some more of that Cherry mead.

If you have attended any of these "German Market" type things which would you recommend as I believe Birmingham have one as well. 

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked this post


Friday, 28 November 2014

Superdrug Budget Beauty Haul: Makeup Revolution & MUA

Before you start reading any further I hope you have a drink with you as this is going to be quite wordy :)
Do I even need to say it? Yep it's pay day so naturally I had to do a bit of shopping.
Mostly for things I actually needed- aside from 2 items, oops :)

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen 3 of the items as I did post a picture earlier today. (Instagram is probably the best way to see what blog posts or videos might be in the works as I am ALWAYS uploading pictures)

Make up wise I went extremely budget friendly and picked up a few items from Makeup Revolution and MUA.

I will be honest, I have liked MUA for a long time but unfortunately as new releases were slow I did find myself growing bored of them (sorry but it's true, and my local superdrug stores are often severely understocked) so it has been a while since I last purchased any MUA items.
Today however I picked up 3 products.
First of all is a repurchase- if you have watched any of my videos I have mentioned a few times that I am always on the look out for new brow products, as I have literally just (this morning in fact) finished my Sleek Brow Stylist pencil I was wanting something new, after scouring all the beauty stands with nothing catching my eye I decided to go back to something I had tried in the past and I got the MUA Power Brow in Fair (£3.00)
Personally I wish they would get rid of the highlighter the the other end and attach a little wand- although I am sure they have just released a new brow product on the website like this so that't always a possibility for future brow products. 

The second item I picked up was one of the Velvet Lip Lacquers (£3.00) in the shade "Halcyon", now I have tried two of these in the past and I do like them so after seeing this one on Instagram I debated about buying it, in the end I gave in as I am trying to attempt a more "natural" lip as opposed to my usual red or purple.
It is quite an orange based colour so I am a little apprehensive about trying it out but hopefully I can pull it off

The final MUA product I picked up might seem a little odd after saying I want to try a more natural lip colour, but I have been after a black lipstick for a while now and they only ever really appear around Halloween, but they all have that same waxy crayon like taste, texture and smell to them- not something I want to be putting on my lips so I have been waiting to find the MUA one as I knew they had released one just in time for Halloween. And really for £1.00 I'm not going to complain am I? 
It has taken a while but eventually I managed to find it in not one but TWO of my local superdrug stores. 
Obviously it's not something I will be wearing everyday but I am sure I will get some use out of it. 

Now moving on to Makeup Revolution.
As a brand I do kind of prefer them to MUA, while they are both good quality at low prices I just think that Makeup Revolution has a lot more variation when it comes to colours and products. Having said that a lot of these products are only available online and that does put me off as I like to be able to see a product in person before I commit to buying it- looking at swatches online only gets you so far, I want to know the texture of a product before I buy it- will it work with my skin tone? so many things come into play when buying make up, so unfortunately there are a lot of products I am missing out on (and I'm sure there are others out there who share my opinion on this, if you do agree do let me know in the comments below) like "The One" foundation, I would love to try but as it's online only I can hazard a guess as to what colour I would need but if I'm wrong then I have just wasted my money. Now moving on from my rant onto the products that I bought. 
I only picked up two items today as there wasn't anything else that caught my eye.

After being OBSESSED with the Iconic 3 palette I thought I would try out the Iconic 2 palette, I believe this is pretty much a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette so I thought for £4.00 I might as well try it out, I have a few Makeup Rev palettes and I am always pleased with the quality of the eye shadows, especially for such affordable prices, I am hoping to build my collection of palettes over time as they have some amazing ones available. 

The final Makeup Rev and beauty item in general is another lipstick, this time going away from the black and going right towards a nude colour called "The One", like MUA the Makeup Rev lipsticks are also priced at £1.00.
I have a few Makeup Rev lipsticks so far and I am loving each and every single one of them that I have used so I am hoping to add to this collection in time as well. 
I am a little apprehensive about this colour as it is extremely light and I am very pale so I'm not sure how it will look, but I am sure I will be able to work with it, the name suggests that it is suitable for people of all skin tones so I hope this is true. (I just hope it doesn't give me the dreaded "concealer lips" look)

If you managed to sit through all of that then Kudos to you, when I started writing this I didn't realise it was going to get so long. 
If you have any affordable Brow products then please let me know in the comments below, or affordable lipsticks/lip liners to give a sort of natural colour, I have seen a few people talking about Tiramisu by Rimmel so I am tempted to try that out. 
Thank you for reading. 

I hope you liked this haul or got some ideas of possible products to try out :). 


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar Review

So the Zoella beauty range has been out for a while now, but it has taken me so long to actually get hold of anything as the main item I wanted was always sold out.

Luckily I did recently manage to pick this item up- honestly there were only like 2 left on the shelf.

Now I will be honest here, the scent of this range isn't something I would normally go for, which is why I only wanted to try the Fizz bar. Typically I like either Vanilla, pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, you know the "rich" scents, so you might be questioning why I wanted to try this as it is a more floral scent.
Admittedly when I first heard it was floral I was a little unsure so I decided to test the Body Mist in store, I was actually pleasantly surprised, while it is undoubtedly floral, it isn't too strong or over-powering, with that in mind I thought "well it's only £5.00 I can at least try it"

The design behind this bar is pretty amazing, it comes shaped like a chocolate bar with 8 segments that you break off so you can use as much or as little as you want. For my bath I use 2 segments of the bar so it would last me at least 4 baths. 

One thing I did worry about was how my skin would react to it as I do have quite sensitive skin so I did make sure I had antihistamines on hand if I were to have a reaction to it (you have to be prepared for these kind of things) luckily I was fine and there was no reaction. 
As the bar is white it doesn't leave a visible change to your bath water unlike the Lush bath bombs, but it does leave the water very silky which feels amazing on the skin. 
The scent itself is actually lovely, very light and ideal for those days where you just want to relax but you don't want anything too over powering- as much as I love Lush, sometimes I can be left with a bit of a headache.

All in all I will be repurchasing this as I am enjoying using it and it makes a change from my usual scents. I can't wait to see what else Zoe has up her sleeve for the Zoella Beauty range, I'm sure whatever it is will be just as popular as this first release. 

On a side note if you are wondering what to get somebody for Christmas, something like this could be a good idea, especially as a stocking filler, not too expensive, looks bloody adorable and it's a scent that most people would enjoy.

Have you tried anything from the Zoella Beauty range? if yes what do you think of the range? 

Thank you for reading. 



Sunday, 19 October 2014

TAG: New Beauty Guru

Over on my Youtube Channel I have just uploaded the "New Beauty Guru TAG" so I thought I would do a corresponding text post here to go along with it just incase I wanted to go into further detail- I did cut out quite a lot of rambling.

If you haven't seen it the video in question is this one:

So let's move on to the questions now shall we

1. What is your first name?
My first name is Victoria

2. Reason for starting Youtube?
After unsuccessfully stopping and starting many times over due to many reasons, mostly being no time to film and having no suitable location to film, I am currently in a position where I have more time to film and I now have somewhere I can film. My main reason for wanting to start in the first place was because I liked watching vlogs and I wanted to give it a try myself.

3. When did you get passionate about makeup?
I have always liked makeup, even as a young girl, but I didn't really start collecting it until I was about 18, since then my love of makeup has grown and it is one of the main things I spend my money on.

4. What other interests do you have besides makeup?
I am a HUGE lover of reading, quite interested in photography and cameras, I quite like writing too- which is good considering I have this blog :)

5. Something odd about you?
I really do not like odd numbers, but the strangest thing is, I associate everything to do with "left" as odd and anything to do with "right" as even, even though Left has an even amount of letters and Right has an odd amount, but I think this might be because I am right handed.

6. Favourite TV show?
of all time will always be Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Currently I would say Doctor Who, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, I did like True Blood but that has ended now.

7. Favourite Colour?
Mainly black, Bright Red, Dark Red, Purple, Dark Green, Pink. I used to be very cliche and I did want a black and hot pink room, thankfully that never happened.

8. What do you do most days?
Drink a LOT of tea, go to work, come home, drink even more tea, read blog posts, watch youtube videos, think of video and blog post ideas.

9. Are you a spender or a saver?
It depends, I can be both, I tend to spend when thing are on offer or I worry that it might be sold out by the next time I go in to get it.

10. If you were a Disney Princess who would you be?
Ariel hands down, even though I can't swim to save my life.

11. Favourite beauty product?
This new Rimmel foundation that Gabby (Velvetgh0st) has mentioned in one of her Vlogs (I actually bought it because of her) Liquid or Gel Liner, Waterproof black liner, Mascara.

12. Favourite Perfume?
Even though I can't find it anywhere Rock & Rose by Valentino, Our Moment by One Direction and You & I by One Direction.

13. Favourite Song?
At the moment Amnesia by 5SOS, One by Metallica, and Closer by NIN

14. Favourite lipstick?
my go-to lipstick of choice at the moment has been "Oh Oh Oh" by MAC or if I want a bold colour I have been wearing "Depraved" by Makeup Revolution.

If you want to do this TAG then go ahead and leave a link to it in the comments so I can check it out. 

If you want you can follow me on bloglovin for updates whenever I upload a new blogpost, and subscribe to my youtube to see what other videos I will have coming up :D 

Thank you for reading .


Saturday, 27 September 2014

One Direction "You & I" Perfume Review

So a fair while back I did a review on the "Our Moment" perfume by One Direction, Since then they have released "That Moment" and now "You & I" 

From what I can gather "You & I" is supposed to be a slightly more mature than the previous two perfumes- the boys do like to inform interviewers and fans alike that they are maturing and so is their sound, so it would make sense that official merchandise would follow along. 

I already prefer this box to the other two, in my review of Our Moment I believe I said something about how it looked too random and there was far too much empty space, this box utilises the space there. I do remember that the One Direction Fandom got a little excited by the photo's used- there is no denying that they know how to work the camera. 

The Bottle:
Now looks wise this bottle is my favourite as it is more slimline- almost ideal to pop in your bag right? unfortunately not but I will get onto that later. 
Even though personally I'm not a fan of Gold as a colour, I do think it contrasts nicely with the pink tone of the perfume, it's easy enough to see but it doesn't look too garish. The fact that the name is on the side of the bottle as opposed to the front is great for those people who might not want to admit that they own a One Direction perfume- although as I have said to people, if it smells nice it smells nice. 
Now a huge selling point to this perfume was that lovely little charm around the neck of the bottle- I do think the pink should have matched that on the box but that's one small detail. But this is the downfall of the bottle, because of that charm the lid doesn't quite fit properly so you run the risk of it popping off in your bag (hence why it's not ideal to put in your bag), obviously you would think to take the charm off, but still I found that the lid just doesn't fit properly. 
It's a lovely sentiment- I'm just picturing many younger fans wearing the charm on a necklace. But it is a flaw to the product. Maybe next time they could work out another way around this- maybe a bracelet wrapped around the middle of the bottle, or even in a small taffeta gift bag inside the box. 

The Fragrance:
I hopped on over to to get the description of the perfume, Because my way of describing it would be "it's just nice, kind of fruity but not too much" so we will see what they have said about it. 
"Bright splashes of mango and refreshing grapefruit are combined with a heart of creamy osmanthus, exotic orchid and soft peony to offer a romantic signature that captures the peak of nature in bloom.
Background notes of musk, indulgent praline and sandalwood blend to wrap the fragrance in smooth, seamless harmony."

I could sense a little mango and definitely picked up on the grapefruit, the background notes of musk and sandalwood make this a lightly more wearable perfume for people of all ages, if you found a 40 year old woman wearing it you wouldn't be thinking she is wearing a perfume marketed towards younger women. When I have worn it I have had people mention about how sweet it smells, personally I don't think it is *too* sweet so that could be down to personal body odour (I know that sounds a little gross, but perfume smells different on every single person and that is why)

All in all I actually like this fragrance- aside from that one issue with the lid and the charm, but I can survive, it just means I can't take it out with me. 

Prices start at £21.00 for a 30ml bottle- this seems to be the standard price for the One Direction perfumes. 

Since it is coming up to Christmas Boots and Superdrug will most likely have the gift sets of this- they usually come with either body wash or body lotion so if you either know somebody who would like it, or you would like it yourself then that's a present idea for you. 

One thing I would love to see though, is the One Direction fragrances released in Rollerball tubes, I know they have been available in the USA but in the UK we haven't been so lucky. 

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked this post. 
If you have any opinions on the You & I fragrance do feel free to leave it in the comments below :) 


Friday, 19 September 2014

Updated Sinful Colors nail varnish Collection

Quite a while back I did a post on my Sinful Colors Collection, since then I have added a couple more colours to my collection- And got hold of some nail wheels (thank god for a Sally's opening up in town- the other one is just on the outskirts and would require 2 buses to get there).

This is something I originally planned on doing as a video for my YouTube channel but unfortunately I haven't yet had the chance to film that video, I have however taken pictures to go along with it for this blog post (it just so happens that this post is up a lot sooner than the video will be)

Now without too much rambling I will jump straight in. 

Courtney Orange, Rich in Heart, Hottie, UFO, Frenzy, Nail Junkie, Boogie Nights, Mama San, Rise and Shine, Winterberry, Cinderella and finally Pumpkin Spice.
I had originally planned to start the post with a picture of them each with 1 coat but that one has vanished somewhere, but as you can see most of them look amazing with just two coats, with the odd exception- UFO is very pale, Boogie Nights is unfortunately streaky and thin so would require a few more coats and while Cinderella is a stunning colour in the bottle I don't think it translates as well on the nail, I also found it to take forever to dry- even the morning after I found it to be quite "tacky" and not fully set so I am quite disappointed with that- although I have a friend who has used it and she says it is fine for her so mine might be one of those few "bad ones" 

I'm not sure if this is the case for all Boots stores but my local Boots seems to have lost the little "Sinful Colors" stand so I am now on the look out for where else might sell them- I know that you can sometimes find them in Poundshops, so if anyone has seen them anywhere else (not online, I prefer to be able to look at a product in "person" so I can decide if I want to buy it or not)

Which is your favourite from the Sinful Colors range? 
Out of my collection my favourites to wear are Rich in Heart and Winterberry, but to look at I would have to choose Hottie and Courtney Orange 

Thank you for reading. 


Where have I been?

Wow it has been a long while since I last posted on my blog.

Mainly it is because I had to get a new laptop- I know that is no excuse really as how hard is it to log back into a website on another laptop? not hard at all really.

But then there has been some personal issues to deal with- I don't want to get all mopey and "woe is me" but I lost my blogging motivation in the middle of it all.
I have however started making YouTube videos again so if you want to check those out then feel free to go over and subscribe if you like them.

I do plan on posting on here more often now, I have a few ideas in mind so some new posts should be up shortly.

If there is anything you would like to see either on here or on my YouTube then do please leave a comment and let me know.

Can't wait to be back with more posts soon.

Thank you for reading

Victoria xx

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Fashion Haul

This weekend has been quite quiet on the blogpost front, for once I have actually been pretty busy.
On Saturday I met up with my Dad for the first time since my Birthday (in January) and he got me a belated birthday present.
So I thought I would share what he bought me.

At first there was just a lot of walking around different stores seeing what they had in, now I'm not sure if it was just the store I went into but River Island REALLY lacked any selection and normally I am used to seeing people walk around town with huge River Island bags so I thought surely there would be something there, nope not at all.
After stopping for a bit of lunch and a much needed chat we decided to have another look round.
In the end I came away with:

Black Canvas Ankle Boots: £19.99 New Look 

Epic Weekend Crop Top: £3.99 H&M

Random Draping Black Material: £12.99 H&M

See below for pictures of items being worn 

Ankle Boots

Epic Weekend Crop Top 

Ahhh yes the black draping material is in fact a play suit, because this does show off my bra at the side I will most likely wear something over the top of this just to cover that up #bigboobproblems

I had actually seen the play suit on the H&M website on the Saturday morning, I even posted on my facebook wall about wanting it so I am glad I could find it and that it looked ok on. 

The shoes are a little bit too big for me, but they were the last pair and I had been eyeing them up the week before when I went in with my mum so I just HAD to get them. 

What have been your recent purchases? 

Thank you for reading. 


Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beauty Haul

Payday has arrived so of course I just HAD to do some shopping, for once I didn't buy too much though, I have been debating about getting the La Roche Posay "Effaclar Duo" cream but I'm still not sure so if anyone has tried it please do tell me what your opinions on it are. £15.50 is a little too much to be spending if I'm not 100% sure about something. 

You might notice a running theme in this haul. First of all I will start off with my purchases from Boots and Superdrug 

Garnier Micellar cleansing water: Boots £3.99 (Normally £4.99) 
Yes to... Grapefruit face wipes: Boots £2.66 (Normally £3.99)
Soap & Glory Fab Pore face wipes: Boots £3.00 (Normally £4.50)
Deep Action Pore Cleansing Pads: Superdrug £1.47 (original price unknown)
Total: £11.12, should have been around £15/£16

Now moving onto what I found in the poundshop
24 sample sachets of Loreal Total repair shampoo
Nose Strips
2 Maybelline Baby lips lip balms- Cherry Velvet and Mango Pie, these are both SPF20

I am going to be on the look out for more of the baby lips lip balms in the pound shop as they are getting some that we don't have in Boots or Superdrug. 

 For once I have managed to spend less than £20 on beauty products, I have to say I'm impressed with myself right now. 

Thank you for reading. 


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Everyday Make up Products

After this week has been lacking in blog posts (because I didn't manage to get my Weekend look book up) I thought I would share my everyday make up products.
Be warned it does look and sound like I use a lot of make up.

I start off using the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer- I am still deciding what I think of this, it's not bad but I don't think it's my favourite- personally I haven't really noticed much difference other than my make up staying on longer
I follow up with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in light porcelain (my foundation does change  depending on how my skin is looking, lately I have been reaching for this)
Before I do my eyeshadow I pencil in my eyebrows using the Rimmel Professional eyebrow pencil in Hazel- I then go over this with "Chino" from the MUA Ever After Matte Palette and set them in place using the Collection Clear Mascara (which now looks rather unappealing, I'm sure you can tell which one it is)
Brows out of the way I move on to my eyes and prime my lids with the MUA professional eye primer
When it comes to eyeshadow it really depends on what kind of look I want to go for but more often than not I will be using my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette 
For Eyeliner I use the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl liner on my waterline and the Seventeen High Drama Liquid Liner on my top lash line
I use two different mascaras, on my top lashes I use the Loreal Miss Manga mascara and on my bottom lashes I use the Maybelline Big Eyes bottom lash mascara
The concealer I use is Collection Lasting Perfection in the lightest shade
To set my face I use the Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder 
When I contour I use either Fade or Chino from the MUA Ever After Matte Palette 
And finally for Blush I use Rose Gold by Sleek

I do want to try and cut down on some of my products, mainly my eyebrows but I am struggling to find something that works for them. 

If you have any suggestions for affordable brow product suitable for those of us with fair hair please do leave them in the comments below.

If you made it to the end of this then I applaud you as that list does seem quite long- in fact I broke off to go make a cup of tea whilst I wrote this post. 

Thank you for reading. 


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Health & Fitness

At the beginning of the year I said I wanted to start excising more, 5 months later I am finally going to actually make a start on this

While I would love to go to the gym I just don't really have the funds available to right now, especially if I plan on doing my driving lessons again so I have decided I am going to take up running, I know my mum will think that she has sparked this interest for me, but it is actually because of a friend I have on Facebook- just seeing how dedicated has really inspired me.

I'm not doing this to lose weight as I am at a stage where I am ok with how I am I just want to tone up a little bit and be more active.

I haven't decided what "routine" I am going to have yet, although running on a weekend will be in there, and running a few nights a week but on top of that I will most likely be doing some other exercises, I just need to see what is right for me.

This is how I currently look so my main target areas for now will be my thighs and calves so running will be ideal - I just need to learn how to pace myself

As I progress with this I will most likely have a "health & fitness" update monthly just to see if there are any changes. 

What would you suggest for toning up?

Thank you for reading. 


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Weekend Look Book Vol 15

Instead of starting with a huge ramble-fest I will get right on into this weekends outfits :)

Denim Jacket: £18.00 Primark
Black Cami: £12.00 Next
Black Mini skirt: £3.99 H&M 
Black Tights: £3.00 Primark
White Ankle Socks: £1.50 Primark
Fluffy Flatforms: Price unknown Internacionale 

I wanted to go for something kind of casual as I didn't have any set plans other than to take my ankle boots to the cobblers to get them repaired, and go pick up a new vacuum cleaner, while we were out my mum suggested going to Birkin again and I am not going to say no to that, not only do you have lovely customer service but you have some lovely scenery as well, very ideal for photos ;)

Jacket: £25.00 Primark
White mesh sleeve top: £6.00 Primark
Black Skinny Jeans: £7.00 Primark
Boots: Price unknown Peacocks

It was bound to happen again soon, it really is too easy to dress from top to bottom in Primark.
I actually had a pretty chilled out Sunday which is never a bad thing, in fact I only went out to see my Grandma and have her puppy try to lick me to death- side note, it would seem that said puppy has yet to learn what "Selfie time" is as she tried to put her nose in my eye, I might just stick to "selfie time" with my nephew if my sister allows it. 

Pictures were taken by my mum on my Canon 1100D (my mum just wanted a shout out since I keep borrowing her and asking her to take pictures for me)

Edited on Instagram using the Hudson Filter and then put together as a "Collage" using Pixlr Express.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend :D

Thank you for reading.


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Product Review: MAC Lipstick "Oh, Oh, Oh"

Have you ever been unsure about buying a product but you did anyway and then it turned out to be a damn good idea? 
Well that happened to me last week, remember my York Designer Outlet Haul?

I had been debating about getting the MAC lipstick "Oh, Oh, Oh" for about an hour before I finally caved and went back for it- I did have to ask my mum if she thought I would actually wear it or not though. 
Before I get on to my review I will refresh your memory.

This is honestly the hardest lipstick I have ever photographed simply because it looks different in different lights, this is the closest likeness to what you see in person though. 

Without any editing
Edited with "Auto-fix" 

As you can see "Oh, Oh, Oh" is a very sheer but build-able colour (I am putting this down to it being a Lustre finish), one thing that does intrigue me about this lipstick though, is that when I swatched it in store it looked more purple- not that I am complaining with this colour.

As it turns out there was no need in my debating, I have worn it literally every single day since I got it. 

Now it's time for the mandatory "Lip shot" 

Bare lips.

2 coats of Oh Oh Oh

I will admit that it is quite drying on the lips so I do apply a lip balm before I use this lipstick, but I have found it to be a perfect every day lip colour that if you catch it in certain lights it has a slightly different tone to it. 

On my lips it looks slightly coppery with a purple hue every now and then. 
I am going to continue playing around with this as I have a feeling it would look interesting over the top of another lipstick. 

While it is quite drying it does still have quite good longevity as it almost stains the lips so you could just apply a balm over that. 

I can 100% say that I am glad I went back for it and I may be tempted to look into other MAC lipsticks in the future. 

Thank you for reading. 


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Magazine Sample Sachets, hit or miss?

Bit of a random post today but a few days ago I was on the bus home and I overheard some girls behind me, now normally I have my music on- I don't make a habit of listening in to conversations, but one girl mentioned something about how she doesn't see why people would keep the sample sachets that can come in a lot of magazines.

Obviously that is her own personal opinion but I have found those sachets can come in handy, not only are they good for you to test products out but say for example if you ran out of shampoo and you had just run a bath- if you have a few samples you would be able to make use of them, or if you were going somewhere over night, they wouldn't take up a lot of room in your toiletries bag which is always a bonus and you don't have to worry about going out buying travel sized  bottles to fill up.

I have managed to collect a reasonable sized pile of sachets
So the foundation sachets are a bit silly in comparison with the rest as you only get a very small amount in there and it's always a similar shade making it hard for people to actually sample properly, but moisturisers, shampoo, conditioner I would keep hold of those because you never know when you are going to need them.

Foundation sachets might come in handy if you are doing someone's make up and it matches their skin tone and type, but other than that they are my least collected. 

Do you keep the sample sachets that come in magazines? 

Thank you for reading


Monday, 28 April 2014

Budget Beauty Haul

I just have a small haul for today, so we can just jump straight on in. 

Sinful Colors L-R: 
Mama San 
Rise & Shine 
none of these are really colours I would normally go for, maybe Mama San at a push but I have been working on branching out my collection (as you may have seen from previous posts) 
You can get Sinful Colors for £1.99 in Boots, but I managed to find these in Poundland for £1 each so if you scout out your local poundshops you might come across some colours that aren't available in Boots. 

Balance Hyaluronic 554 Youth Serum
A repurchase, after I managed to spill mine on the floor, I do still have some left in the original bottle but I would be due a repurchase of it soon anyway, this can be found in B&M for £3.99 

Azure Internationale Spa Collagen Woven Facial Mask 
This is something I have been debating about for a while, I couldn't decide if I wanted to try it or not but eventually I thought "hell it's less than £1 you might as well". 
This face mask can be found at B&M. 

What budget beauty items would you recommend?

Thank you for reading. 


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Weekend Look Book Vol 14

Faux Leather Jacket: £25 Primark
Jumper: Price unknown but I think around £9 Peacocks
Skirt: £3 H&M
Tights: £3 Primark
Ankle Boots: £5 I believe Peacocks

For once an outfit where I'm not dressed entirely in Primark gear, it can be too easy to do that to be honest. 
The Jumper worn is actually very big on me- which was good with my skirt as it kept my skirt in place. 
I didn't really have any plans for my Saturday, other than go round to my Grandma's in the morning to do her make up as my mum was taking her to see Dancing on Ice (I got them both tickets as a Mothers Day present). 
After I had done that I had a pretty uneventful day other than my sister popping round with her boyfriend and my nephew- of course baby cuddles were the highlight of my day. 

Black Cami: £12 Next 
Black Skinny Jeans: £7 Primark
Converse: around £34.99 Schuh 

Casual would be the best way to describe Sundays outfit, I had planned on staying in and planning blog posts but I may have gone out to see my sister. I then got roped into removing my sisters mattress as we will be getting a new one soon so I'm glad I chose something comfy for the day. 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. 

Thank you for reading 


Friday, 25 April 2014

OOtD, feeling that monochrome vibe again

Plain white tee- £4.00 Primark
Black mini skirt- Price unknown Internacionale 
Black Tights- £3.00 Primark 
Black ankle boots- Price unknown Peacocks
Black & White Striped Blazer- Price unknown New Look

Do you ever go through your wardrobe and come across something you haven't worn in forever? 
Well that happened to me yesterday I was looking through trying to find a jacket to wear because let's be honest my denim jacket has been over worn lately, I almost gave up and was going to settle on a faux leather jacket instead when I saw this right in the back corner, it is actually too big on me now as it is a size 16 but when worn open it doesn't look bad- I might have to get my Grandma to take it in a little bit at some point though. 

Now I have rediscovered it I will probably be wearing it a lot more when we have good weather. 

Thank you for reading. 


York Designer Outlet Mini Haul

To say I don't live that far from the York Designer Outlet I very rarely go- in fact it has been YEARS since I last went and back then I know there wasn't a Cosmetics Company Store (there was however a shop that just sold various colours and styles of card and paper, I am very sad to find out that this store no longer exists there)

Anyway I finally persuaded my mum to take me (this might motivate me to start up my driving lessons again) just so I could see what they have to offer in the CCS, I may have also nipped into Mamas & Papas and picked up a couple items for my nephew (I still can't say that without getting a little giddy).

At first I only bought two items from the CCS but after walking around with my mind still on another lipstick I made my mum come back in with me to see what she thought of it- I ended up buying it so now let's get onto what I bought.

MAC: Prepare for Pleasure (LE from the Divine Night Collection) £11 Originally £15.50
Now I have always said that I will not buy a MAC lipstick from the permanent line if there are dupes available on the high street, to me it just makes more sense to buy the more affordable one, but if it's Limited Edition from a collection that would be an exception so when I saw this I HAD to buy it

Smashbox Photo Set Pressed Powder Compact £13.50 Originally £19.00
I have been trying out various powders lately but nothing seems to look right, even translucent seems to look orange in certain areas so when I saw this I was intrigued it swatches extremely pale so I'm hoping it will be a good match, also the size of it is perfect to pop in your make up bag and you don't have to worry about finding a mirror because there is a large one inside the compact.

MAC: Oh Oh Oh ( from the Archie's Girls collection) £11 Originally £15.50
This is the one I ended up going back for, it is such a strange colour in the bullet it looks quite copperish but when swatched it looks SO different, on some people there are definite red tones but when I swatched it on the back of my hand in store it was more purple, apparently it even depends on your natural lip colour so it will be interesting to see what it looks like on me.

Yes I did spend £35.50 on 3 items but sometimes you just have to treat yourself, and the original cost would have been £50 so it's not too bad. 

When we were on our way back to the car I may have been distracted by Whittard and ended up picking up a few items in there as well. 

Dip Infuser- £2.00
Spice Imperial Leaf Tea £2.00 Originally £4.20
Spiced Chai Leaf Tea £2.00 Orignally £4.20 
I don't think there is any way I can justify buying even more tea (I have SO many different variations, I just can't stop buying it) other than that I "just wanted to" I do have chai tea bags but I have heard that Leaf Tea does taste nicer so now I have the chance to give it a try. 

Thank You for reading.