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The Book Lovers Tag!

Hello there.
Yes this is a blog post, I know I haven't been very regular with my posting at all this year, or last.
Any way I have a few blog posts in mind that I want to do, but I was sat this morning trying to get the motivation to write a particular one and I just wasn't feeling it at the time. It will be up eventually but I don't want to push myself to post something I have to force myself to write.

So I sat there for all of a couple of minutes and thought "well what do you want to post about??" I took one look to the left of me and the answer was right there... a book lovers tag!
It took a moment to google to see if there is already one out there and low and behold there is.
I found this one on FancyPaperBlog and she found it at ofreadingandrandomthings so here we go.

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